The Amphibians and Reptiles of Cyprus

Learn about the appearance and biology of the amphibians and reptiles of Cyprus: Here you can identify species, find out when and where you can observe them, learn more about their natural history, and in the case of snakes, if they pose a threat to humans.

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► To learn more about the amphibians and reptiles of Cyprus, please have a look at the book "The Amphibians and Reptiles of Cyprus"!


  • Green Toad

    Green Toad
  • Yellow-Lemon Tree Frog

    Yellow-Lemon Tree Frog
  • Cyprus Water Frog

    Cyprus Water Frog


  • Red-Eared Terrapin

    Red Eared Terrapin
  • Balkan Terrapin

    Balkan Terrapin


  • Starred Agama

    Starred Agama
  • European Chameleon

    European Chameleon
  • Kotschy's Gecko

    Kotschy's Gecko
  • Turkish Gecko

    Turkish Gecko
  • Snake-eyed skink

    Snake-Eyed Skink
  • Ocellated Skink

    Ocellated Skink
  • Spotted Skink

    Spotted Skink
  • Striped Skink

    Striped Skink
  • Spiny-Footed Lizard

    Spiny-Footed Lizard
  • Snake-Eyed Lizard

    Snake Eyed Lizard
  • Troodos Lizard

    Troodos Lizard


  • Worm Snake

    Worm Snake
  • Cyprus Grass Snake

    Cyprus Grass Snake
  • Large Whip Snake

    Large Whip Snake
  • Cyprus Whip Snake

    Cyprus Whip Snake
  • Coin Snake

    Coin Snake
  • Cat Snake

  • Montpellier Snake

    Montpellier Snake
  • Blunt-Nosed Viper

    Blunt-Nosed Viper